Car Valeting Liverpool

  Car Valeting Liverpool

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Car Valeting Liverpool, Merseyside

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Colour restoration is a must for older vehicles that were once vibrant, this service brings vehicles back to their former glory

Tcutting Service LiverpoolTcut service liverpool

 2 Stage Machine Cut & Polish £105

Faded & Dull paintwork Revived with our professional Machine Cut & Polish

Machine Cut & Polish service is used to Revive exterior paintwork back to life, a Professional Machine Cut & Polish removes Scratches, Blemishes, Grease, Stubborn stains and other paintwork faults by acting as a microscopical sand paper.


A Machine Polish is ideal for weather damage, paint fading & other issues and effectively

smooth's over and Revives the whole exterior, leaving that flawless deep wet look.


Revive dull & faded paintwork Machine Cut & Polish

A professional Machine cut & Polish revives faded & worn paintwork with amazing results, this mobile valeting service is unbeatable for older or higher-milage vehicles as it cuts and polishes its way through years of dirt and contaminants literally reviving the vehicles whole exterior to that brand new showroom condition 

Car Valeting Liverpool