Car Valeting Liverpool

  Car Valeting Liverpool


Car Valeting Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral, Ormskirk, Southport, Formby, Skelmersdale


      Special offer with full valet *** 

   add a Professional Nano Polish & Protect for £15


Car Valeting Liverpool, Merseyside

Mobile Car Valeting Liverpool
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 Special offer with full valet ***

add a full leather feed, condition & protect for only £10 


Full Valet from £45

Full Interior Vacuum including ....

Carpets, Seats, Parcel shelf, Glove-box, Door pockets, Astray, Boot & all floor Mats


Full Interior Clean & Polish including ....

Dashboard, Console, Door pockets, Ashtrays, Glove-box, Plastics, Visors & Boot plastics


Full Interior Hot Shampoo & Extract including ...

Carpets, Seats, Upholstery, Door cards, Parcel shelf, Boot & Floor Mats


Exterior Step 1 -  Pre-Treat & Blast

TFR applied to lower body, wheels & arches followed by a power blast to

rid of harm full dirt & grit before the hand washing stage


Exterior Step 2 -  Hot Hand Wash 

PH neutral shampoo applied to the vehicles body using soft micro wash mitts

followed with a blast and rinse.


Exterior Step 3 -  Micro-fibre Hand Dried  

full vehicle hand dried using soft micro fibre drying towels


Interior and Exterior  

Windows & Mirrors cleaned and polished


Exterior Plastics Dressed 

Bumpers, handles, trim & boot trim


Tyres Dressed

using non-silicone products 


Interior & Boot deodorised

using  a selection of fragrances

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*** Special offer with full valet  

add a Professional T-Cutting service from £15